Certified and trained using Electrostatic Spraying. This is the BEST way to keep your facility safe for employees and visitors.

Electrostatic technology

Electrostatic technology is a game changer for disinfection services: its what separates sanitizing vs. disinfecting and the spray and wipe method vs. spraying.

We use disinfectants that are approved by Health Canada with evidence for use against COVID-19.

A Variety Of Ways

Benefits include:

  • Fast application
  • Touchless application
  • Effective
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Reduces risk of cross contamination
  • Evenly coats all types of surfaces

We offer this service in a variety of ways and like all our other services: we can customize to fit your facilities needs.

  • Reopening spraying
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly spraying (recommended during pandemic)
  • Add-on to existing janitorial services
  • Emergency/exposure spraying

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