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Servicare Interiors System
Previous cleaning methods just ground the dirt below the surface of the carpet and hid bio-contaminants deep in the fibers and out of sight. Our new and unique ServiCare Interiors System is the most technologically advanced maintenance solution available. It works to extract soil and cleaning solution residue while killing bacteria and improving air quality. Most carpet cleaning companies still use the outdated rotary scrubber, which can not only physically damage carpets but can also leave them wet for up to eight hours, seriously degrading indoor air quality.

We are continuously upgrading our cleaning methods. As your needs change over time, so does the ServiCare Interiors System in order to extend the life of your assets and ensuring a higher return on investment. Beginning with an initial analysis and assessment of your facility, we will discover what works best in your organization and help save your company hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars in replacement costs.
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